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Optimal Health Education

As a comprehensive health care clinic, Obria LA understands that physical and sexual health is just one component of one's life. That is why we are devoted to providing services with a holistic view characterized by the treatment of the whole person.  We consider social, emotional, and mental factors rather than just physical symptoms. Research shows, healthy people have healthy relationships.


"One of the key predictors of overall health in both children and adults is the quality and health of interpersonal and family relationships.” – Center for Disease Control (CDC)


We have trained Optimal Health Educators available to share tools and information with youth and young adults of all ages, to help improve their ability to navigate relationships and to thrive in reaching their goals.


We provide Optimal Health Education sessions on the following topics:

  • Effective communication skills

  • Healthy ways to work through conflict

  • Ways to make healthy and intentional decisions

  • Safe and fun dating strategies

  • Learning about love and commitment

  • Planning for your future and creating a vision for your life

  • Learning about yourself and others

  • Navigating differences

  • Understanding cultural influences

  • Leadership and job readiness

  • Optimal sexual health and fertility care

  • STD/HIV awareness

The dedicated team at Obria LA will equip and empower individuals to confidently tackle any obstacles they face and assist when additional support or services are needed.  This a safe place to learn, grow, ask questions, and get answers. Do you have a youth group, children, or a friend group that would benefit from Optimal Health Education? Give us a call. Let's grab coffee or set up a meeting to get things started. 

Email Corinna Kazdin, Optimal Health Education Manager, at at for more info. 

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