Patient Stories


As Anna took a seat in our intake room, she shared with our nurse that she felt completely alone and was very scared. She had just graduated college and was struggling to pay her monthly student loans. Our nurse confirmed her pregnancy and talked to her about her options. Initially very nervous and overwhelmed, as the appointment progressed Anna opened up that she had only dated the father of the baby for 3 months and then ended the relationship because he was abusive. She stressed how she was doing this all on her own once again. You could see the fear in her face as she shared that having an abortion seemed to be the only possible option. Struggling to pay bills and without support from the baby’s father, she wondered how raising a child would be possible on her own.


Anna looked intently at the abortion information brochure and started to cry. Giving her a moment, our nurse let her know it was okay to cry and let her feel/ talk through her emotions. They moved along to the ultrasound room where she heard the heartbeat of her 10-week-old baby for the first time. Instantly, Anna knew that this baby was created for a reason. In that moment, she already felt so much love for her child and wanted nothing more than to be a mother to him/her.


Anna was blessed with some baby items to take home, along with resources to help get her on her feet and feel supported. She was overjoyed!


Anna came to see us feeling nervous and alone but, because of your kindness, that void was filled. Your support makes all this possible. Thank you for your generosity!


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Amanda was 18 years old and came to Obria LA to confirm her pregnancy and discuss her options. She was very emotional, overwhelmed, and hurting. She told her mom and sister about the pregnancy and, although they were supportive, she was feeling very scared and alone.

Her boyfriend was not very supportive of the pregnancy and was leaning towards termination. Through tears she said to the nurse practitioner, "I know I am young and my boyfriend wants me to have an abortion but I can't imagine going through with it." Our nurse practitioner listened and prayed over her. 

By the end of the appointment, Amanda felt more at peace but was nervous to share her change of heart with her boyfriend in fear that he would not be supportive and leave her... 

She returned for an ultrasound follow up. After the ultrasound and having a heart to heart with her boyfriend, she was certain she would keep the baby and planned to carry and parent. She saw the heartbeat and the baby moving during the ultrasound. Those tears of fear were now tears of joy and she couldn't wait to show her boyfriend. He was with her at the appointment and was invited to see the ultrasound. He too was now excited and supportive. They received baby blankets and gifts and expressed their gratitude for Obria LA and those who support to make this all possible. 



May cried as she saw the two lines show up on the pregnancy test – It was positive. Her mind was racing. She didn’t know what to do. She had no job and an unstable environment at home. She had never known her dad and her mom was a meth addict. She grew up most of her life in foster care. Now she found herself living with her sister and her sister’s husband. But she swore to herself she was going to get out of there as soon as possible. She couldn’t stand the yelling anymore.

May thought about the father of the baby. His name was Mathew. They first met at a party about a year ago. She had just broke up with her boyfriend at the time and not long after, found herself the object of Matt’s attention. May liked the attention while she was going through a difficult time, even though she knew he was not the best for her. After a few months of being together May found out Matt was doing drugs. After finding out about the pregnancy, Mathew told her that he didn’t want anything to do with her or the baby. During her appointment May just looked down when talking about the father of the baby. She felt so rejected.

May thought, “How can I start a family when I don’t know what family is?” As a young girl May dreamed of one day having a family that loved her. She always wanted to have children but not this way, not now. She didn’t have a job, a stable home, or support. When she told her friends about the pregnancy they encouraged her to get an abortion and told her she would be selfish to have the baby.

May was anxious as the Ultrasound exam started. She didn’t know if she wanted to see the ultrasound screen. But when asked, she was curious and wanted to see the screen. When she looked, she could hear the heartbeat and see the baby’s arms and legs moving around – she was amazed. May knew at that moment that this was a baby – her baby – and she wanted to protect it. Her fear began to melt and was replaced with excitement. She knew she had a lot of obstacles to overcome, but now she had a reason to press through.  By the end of the appointment May said she felt “Happy”.

She called her friend and told her that she saw the baby’s heart beat, the little arms and legs moving. May told her friend “It’s a real baby. I can’t get an abortion.” She knew she didn’t want to get an abortion.  When our nurse asked her what she was thinking about doing abortion was no longer an option for her. She was so excited that she wanted to take a baby blanket home.


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“I’m not ready to be pregnant!” A young woman named Jade recently scheduled an appointment requesting an ultrasound.  She appeared anxious and repeatedly shared "I'm not ready to be pregnant.” She and her husband had relocated to California and were adjusting to their new life. This pregnancy was an unwelcome surprise. She did not want to be pregnant at this time as it would interfere with her current career training and requirements. Her husband was happy to hear she was expecting and hoped that she would accept the pregnancy. She struggled with the thought of not going through with the pregnancy and the effect on her marriage but at the same time she could not imagine herself caring for a child.
Our nurses encouraged her to share her thoughts and fears. Jade was tense going into the ultrasound room, unsure what her reaction would be. The initial image of her baby on the screen made an immediate impact on her heart. She stated, "I changed my mind." When asked what she meant, she responded "I am going through with the pregnancy!" There was joy in her voice and a sense of relief and clarity. She called her husband to share with him the good news of seeing their baby and her change of heart.
Jade was attentive to the prenatal teaching provided, and was grateful for the baby gifts she was given. She was offered prayer and eagerly accepted. The fear and anxiety she had carried had been released. She was able to put things in perspective and felt that it would be possible to complete her career plans in the next few months before delivering. 

Thank YOU for supplying Jade with this hope filled ultrasound experience, baby gifts, opportunity to receive support from God-fearing nurses and faithful prayers. Let us praise God together for another baby being saved and a mother's joy. 



After two prior abortions and two children, Kate found herself pregnant again. She had hope that 2021 would be a better year for her and her two boys after being affected financially by the pandemic. Feeling defeated, Kate made her appointment at our clinic to confirm her pregnancy and hear her options.

She felt alone with the likely possibility of having to support another child on her own. Our nurse listened to Kate’s concerns. The option of adoption was discussed and an informational booklet about abortion was also reviewed with her to assist her in making an informed decision. She shared she had been reading her Bible, praying and journaling her fears and emotional struggles since learning she was pregnant. Kate was visibly anxious and had an elevated heart rate. When offered, she eagerly accepted prayer. We asked God to allow His presence to be felt by her, to give her wisdom, peace, strength and courage to face her situation. She wiped her tears after the prayer and expressed feeling a sense of peace and comfort from God.

Kate was attentive to the ultrasound screen and accepted a picture of her baby. It was in that moment she had decided that she would not be able to go through with an abortion. She was grateful for our services and expressed feeling joyful in her decision to keep her baby. A referral to the clinic's post abortion program was offered to her after she shared that her past two abortions left her with unresolved feelings. She left the clinic with a change of heart, ministered to by the Holy Spirit all possible with your support!

Without you, other women like Kate might choose to abort their unborn child. Under the new administration we will see our Title V and Title X grant funds ($186K) go away. So, your support is needed more now than ever. Please prayerfully partner to help save a life.


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Tammy was just a teen. She and her boyfriend planned for her to have an abortion. However, she wanted to "see the baby" when it came time for her to have her ultrasound. Tammy was encouraged to express her concerns by our nurses and her questions were addressed. She felt supported by her best friend's mom who offered to drive her to our clinic, but not her own parents, who kicked out her older sister when she was pregnant. She felt that having her baby would keep her from graduating high school and she feared that her parents would kick her out of the house. 
After they left the appointment, the RN and Nurse Practioner who helped her during her appointment prayed that Tammy and her boyfriend would have a change of heart; that her plans to have an abortion would not go through. They prayed that she would have adequate resources and that her family would support her with her pregnancy. 
Three weeks later, Tammy called the clinic to schedule a second ultrasound. She and her boyfriend had decided to keep their baby. Although her parents were angry and disappointed at first, they eventually became excited when they saw the ultrasound pictures of their grandbaby!
Thank you for your faithful support. It does not go unnoticed. YOU are the reason Tammy and her boyfriend felt empowered and found the courage to choose life!


Nurse Practitioner Rosemarie's day was just about done until Ella called at 5:59 pm. Ella’s voice was shaky. She was scared, confused and honest about considering having an abortion. She had the paperwork with her, ready to complete for the procedure. Rosemarie scheduled her the following morning, on her day off. What a miracle from the start.

During her appointment, Ella shared with Rosemarie that she had been to the clinic years ago for her first pregnancy which she carried to term. She refers to her child as "the love of her life". She admitted having an abortion the following year. In fact, she still had the folder with all of the prenatal resources the nurse gave to her years ago. She said, "I just knew if I came back to the clinic, I would be cared for like before. I just knew you guys will help me figure things out."

Ella was reserved initially, answering questions with short responses but became more comfortable sharing her feelings and concerns later in the appointment. It was a pleasant surprise for Ella when she saw nurse Kathie, who did her ultrasound years ago! She was given an ultrasound and was provided with prenatal education and resources. Ella was informed of post abortion counseling available at the clinic. At the end of her appointment, Ella was asked if she would like to be prayed for, she responded tearfully "Yes, please". A follow up call was made the following week. Ella stated she had made the decision to keep her baby and had already scheduled an appointment to start prenatal care!

YOU are the reason Ella felt empowered to choose LIFE that day! Thank you for the constant love and support you bring to the women and men we serve. This would not be possible without you.




Rae was 17 years old, still in high school, and frantic. When the home pregnancy test came out positive she called her boyfriend crying. But he didn’t give much support. He was scared, but he tried not to show it. He needed time to think. So he told her that they would talk later. Needless to say, she could not sleep that night as waves of panic washed over her. Alone and terrified, she tried to sleep but it was pointless. Finally, she just got up and searched the internet. “There is no way I can have a baby right now she thought.” She searched for abortion clinics in the area and had a list made up by morning. She decided to call each one and go to the earliest appointment she could get.  She made an appointment for the next day at the local abortion clinic.

Rae was still concerned about the support she would receive from her boyfriend so she asked him to meet up and talk. Over lunch, he told her that he thought it was best to get an abortion. Being 17 himself, he didn’t feel ready to have a kid. Rae could tell that he was scared. She felt alone and didn’t think that she would ever get an abortion. At the abortion clinic, Rae was having second thoughts. The clinician told her that the baby was just a mass of cells and that she could take the abortion pill without having an ultrasound. But Rae thought to herself, “How do you know it’s a mass of cells if you can’t see it?” She left without making a decision, but she made another appointment. She decided to get another opinion and that’s when she stumbled upon Obria Medical Clinics in Whittier.  

When Rae came to see us, she tried to act normal but she said it hit her like a ton of bricks. She couldn’t help but cry. When she was offered an ultrasound, she thought, “Great! I could see for myself if there was just a mass of cells or a baby.” During the ultrasound, Rae saw that the baby was small but it had a heart beat! She knew it was a baby and not just a mass of cells. Staring at the little heart beating on the ultrasound screen, Rae said, “That’s my baby!” The due date turned out to be her boyfriend’s birthday. Before leaving, Rae made an appointment to return so her boyfriend could come and see their baby too. She was confident that after he saw their baby on the ultrasound, he would be all in!



Greta called us from the side of the road, halfway between her house and an abortion clinic. She was in her late 20’s and had just relocated from Asia to LA county with her husband during the Pandemic so they had very little social support. Greta was pregnant and feeling isolated with the "stay at home" mandate. When she took that at home test, her fears instantly flooded her mind. She was overwhelmed and was considering an abortion.

When she came to see us, Greta told our nurse that she planned to terminate because of Covid-19. As the conversation continued, Greta said that she was actually thinking about keeping the baby; it was really her husband who wanted her to have an abortion. Her husband was very nervous about the effects of Covid-19 on her and their baby. Our nurse was able to talk with Greta and provided her with information from the CDC for keeping a healthy pregnancy during Covid-19, and how to limit any health risks.


During their discussion, Greta mentioned that she and her husband had started reading the bible and tuning into virtual worship services. In her homeland, religion had been discouraged. She knew in the pre-communism days, people would make sacrifices to the river god or various gods. This familiarity with presenting a sacrifice to a god was a bridge for our nurse to share about Jesus being the ultimate sacrifice... for her. They talked about forgiveness, His amazing love and even the bible as a way through the ages for people to know Him, to be forgiven and have a relationship with our living God. She had many questions about Jesus and Christianity. Our nurse had the amazing privilege of praying with her as she gave her life to Christ. 


Greta left our clinic that day with a new mindset and confidence in her decision to keep her baby. She was given ultrasound pictures of her active baby and was referred to a clinic nearby for prenatal care. Due to our new safety measures put in place, her husband waited patiently in the car during her appointment. Greta could not wait to see her husband and show him the pictures of their unborn baby!


Two lives were saved that day, thanks to our Heavenly Father and YOUR faithful support!

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Liza was just 17. She shared that this was her first pregnancy and that she and her boyfriend/father of the baby planned for her to have an abortion. She was accompanied by her boyfriend. Both felt anxious but "wanted to see the baby". They preferred not to inform her mom and step-dad for fear of being "kicked out of the house like her older sister was when they found out she was pregnant". The patient felt supported by her best friend's mom who offered to drive her to Planned Parenthood the following week for a scheduled abortion. She felt that having her baby would keep her from finishing high school.

Liza was encouraged to express her concerns, and her questions were addressed. She and her boyfriend were both quiet but attentive to the images of their baby during the ultrasound and accepted pictures. Liza was agreeable to receiving information about abortion procedures to help her make an informed decision. An informational brochure on adoption through Bethany was also provided. Liza was encouraged to review the informational brochures with her boyfriend.

The Optimal Health Essentials handout entitled, "Ways to be intimate without having sex" was given to the patient and her boyfriend. After the patient left, the nurses prayed that Liza and her boyfriend would have a change of heart; that her plans to have an abortion will not go through. They prayed that she would have adequate resources and that her family would support her with her pregnancy.

Three weeks later, Liza called the clinic to schedule a second ultrasound. She and her boyfriend had decided to keep their baby! She was 16 weeks pregnant at that time. They planned to inform her mom and step-dad about her pregnancy and decision to parent.
Thank you for your prayerful and financial support. It does not go unnoticed. YOU are the reason Liza and her boyfriend felt empowered and found the courage to choose life!

Grace was abortion vulnerable with a young son. She had an ultrasound scan and was very early but had a strong heartbeat. During the appointment, Grace shared she wanted to get closer to God. One of our advocates made a follow up call a few weeks after her due date to see how she was doing. She was very excited to hear from the clinic and shared she had a baby boy and that he was doing very well.


Penny came in last year, single and in her 20s. She called the clinic wanting an abortion. During her appointment we learned she was unsure of who the father of the baby was. Penny came in for a return appointment and began considering adoption. In the midst of a lot of chaos in her life she was able to make a very strong decision for herself and her child. We recently learned she had her son and decided to place him for adoption.



Staring at her positive pregnancy test, Gina was in a state of disbelief. She had just made an appointment with her doctor to get her on birth control. If only she had made the appointment a few weeks earlier, she thought to herself. With two children already at home and working full time, how could she afford to have another baby? 


Gina’s family members were very pro-life and she knew they would be very disappointed if she chose to have an abortion. However, she wondered what her boyfriend would think since he had mentioned before that he was not ready for another child. She was afraid that he would want her to have an abortion and would leave if she decided to carry to term.


At her family’s request, she scheduled an appointment at our Whittier clinic. After meeting with our clinic nurse and myself, then seeing the ultrasound of her baby, Gina had made up her mind. That was her baby! Gina expressed to me that deep down she could never forgive herself if she proceeded with an abortion. I gave Gina a copy of the ultrasound to take with her. To be able to see that little life and watch the heart beat as the baby moved about, surely made an impact on her life.


During our follow up phone call, I asked Gina how things were going and if she had told her boyfriend yet. She said that when she told him the news, he was so excited and began to cry when he saw the ultrasound pictures of his little baby. He couldn’t believe how well formed the baby was already. Gina was so relieved and felt a weight lifted from her shoulders. They couldn’t wait to expand their little family! If only you could have seen the joy on these proud parents’ face! Because of your generosity, Gina was able to make the decision to preserve this new life!

Written by Obria Volunteer

- Dianne Thomason



Five years ago, Olivia’s world turned upside down. She became a single mother to a beautiful little girl. Her family didn’t offer her much support, so she joined WPCC’s Stepping Stones Support Program for the support and help it offered. Within this community of single mothers, she felt loved and cared for. This was something she had not felt in years.


She enjoyed their fellowship and bible studies, as well as getting to express herself through crafts and cooking. Through the Stepping Stones classes, she was able to create a better life for herself and daughter. Through the program, she found a church, which has welcomed her with open arms. She is also enrolled at Rio Hondo College working toward a career in the health care industry. Olivia’s life changed for the best through our Stepping Stones program. Thanks for making that possible for her! 


Written by Obria Staff Member

- Samantha Torres-Wright



I could tell Hannah was stressed about being pregnant from the first phone call. She walked into our waiting room completely tense. She quickly flipped through all of our magazines till I took her back to our intake room. When I asked if she had already decided what to do about her pregnancy, she quickly said she was having an abortion. 


After spending some more time talking with her, I realized Hannah was in a difficult spot. She hadn’t spoken to her family in years. She didn’t have a steady job. And worst of all, her boyfriend threatened to leave her if she didn’t go through with an abortion. By the end of her appointment,

Hannah knew she couldn’t have an abortion. Yes, life would be incredibly difficult. But she resolved to get a steady job and raise her child on her own! Through your support, Hannah was able to receive the help and resources needed to make a healthy outcome of her pregnancy! 


Written by Obria Staff Member -

Rebecca Betancourt



Some of you may remember this story from our 2013 Banquet, but for those of you who are newer, we wanted to bless you with the opportunity to hear this amazing redemption story as well. 


When Brenna was pregnant, she didn't come to WPCC. Instead, she went and had a termination. After the termination procedure, she struggled emotionally. Her mom was worried about her and found our healing support program online. 


Click the video to hear what happened!



Laura was certain if she told her parents that she thought she was pregnant, they would be devastated. What would they think of her? So she decided not to tell them. It would be easier to have an abortion. She was 20, halfway through college and working part-time. She figured she had plenty of time later in life to be a mother.


She came to see us at WPCC to confirm her pregnancy via an ultrasound. But Laura saw something she didn’t expect to see, a little baby growing inside of her. As the nurse described how her baby was developing and growing, she knew she could not abort her child. After the appointment, she went home and told her parents about her pregnancy.


Understandably her parents were shocked, but completely supportive of her keeping the baby. They were excited to be grandparents! Thanks to your support, a mother and grandparents are enjoying a precious baby this holiday season!


Written by Obria Staff Member -

Illona Anderson

Camila & Violet


Camila left her appointment still wanting an abortion. I knew it was ultimately her decision, yet my heart was heavy for her. She had seen her 11 week old baby on the ultrasound, but it didn’t shake her resolve to have an abortion. Months later, I went to contact her for the after-due-date follow-up. I prepared myself to hear about her abortion procedure and offer her information on our post abortion healing.  To my surprise, I heard all about her baby girl, Violet! Camila explained when she left her appointment, she couldn’t even entertain the idea of being a parent. She had no one to help her. Yet on the day she scheduled her abortion, all she could think about was the image of her tiny baby on the ultrasound. The more she thought about her baby, the more she wanted to be a mother. Camila said being little Violet’s mother was the best thing that has ever happened to her. She was extremely thankful for the ultrasound we provided her. Without it, she said she would not have her daughter.   


Written by Obria Patient Advocate

- Sharon Kuang


In the beginning of this year, a young woman named Paris walked through our doors wanting to terminate. As she sat and talked with the nurse, she began crying and shared how overwhelmed she was. She was battling some serious health issues and believed it would make it difficult to continue her pregnancy. She said, “As much as I want to continue this pregnancy, I don’t think I can.”


In fear of getting attached, Paris declined to look at the ultrasound screen. The nurse shared that she was 14 weeks along, which was much farther along than Paris had originally thought and made her second guess who the father might be. After the ultrasound, she was thankful for our services and told us she felt more at peace after receiving a few resources to help her situation.

Paris still left undecided and was wrestling with many decisions when she left the clinic.


However... just recently, in walks Paris to share with our nursing staff that she had decided to keep her baby and that she was having a little girl! She was so thrilled and was so thankful to the nurses that met with her months ago during her first appointment.

In just 3 months, Paris will be holding her little girl in her arms, because of YOU! Stories like this are not possible if our doors are not open. We remain open and able to serve because of generous donations from supporters like yourselves. So, on behalf of Obria LA, thank you for supporting us every step of the way and making stories such as this possible. Your support isn’t just changing the life of the patient but also the life of the generation to come!