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Patient Stories


After having a previous abortion, Julie desired to have a child with her new husband- but the barriers that surrounded her made it challenging. She felt lost when it came to resources and finances were tight. When Julie found Obria LA, she immediately came in to have a pregnancy confirmation. Our sonographer led her into the ultrasound room, where she could hardly contain her excitement. During the ultrasound, Julie was eager to view the screen after hearing there was a baby! She excitedly called for her husband to share in this joyous moment. Our sonographer pointed to where the baby was located on the screen, and as they heard the beating of the baby’s heart, their eyes welled up with emotion. The both of them decided they wanted to keep the baby. They entertained ideas of sharing the news with the rest of their family. After Julie received her consultation with our nurse practitioner, she got ready to leave. She expressed how happy she was to have come into Obria LA, and was so grateful for our medical staff. Julie and her husband left feeling hopeful for the gift of life they had been given.
Each week, we see patients who are without the finances, resources and support they need to start a family. Our mission is to be a light amongst darkness, serving those in need of our holistic care- physically, emotionally, and spiritually. But we cannot do this alone. Your prayers and financial support allow us to keep our doors open to those in need of our services. Our hope is to be able to offer full prenatal care by the end of this year so that we can provide further reproductive services to our patients. Will you join us in prayer and support to help expand our services at Obria LA?


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Stefanie was in a desperate situation. She suspected she was pregnant, and the dark line from the pregnancy test was jarring. Stefanie went to the first clinic she could think of with the intention of having an abortion. While she was there, they told her she was much further along than she had thought. Something within her felt unsettled, and she wanted a second opinion. That was when she found Obria LA.


When she met with our sonographer, she did not make any eye contact. She appeared to be exhausted and worn down. After her ultrasound, she consulted with our nurse. With a heavy heart, she confessed that she was currently addicted to narcotics and alcohol. The father of the child was an acquaintance and did not offer any support and demanded her to get an abortion…


Stefanie shared that she felt completely lost without any support. It was then that our nurse connected her to a rehab facility for pregnant women that offer support and help them transition into motherhood. Armed with resources, Stefanie left feeling more confident that she could keep her child and receive the help she needed be on the road to recovery.


Obria LA not only provides early reproductive care, but various resources, classes and pregnancy loss/grief counseling. Each patient, along with their situations are so unique. With the support and prayers from donors like you, we are able to provide each patient with customized services, resources and support they need to heal and thrive.



Kelly came to the clinic in tears. She didn’t have the support of her boyfriend, who wanted her to terminate, and was fearful of her pregnancy’s outcome. Having recently lost a close family member, it all seemed too much for her. With so many difficulties pressing her, termination seemed like the easiest option BUT she knew that it would not have pleased the family member who had recently passed away.


She discussed her situation with her nurse. It was a difficult one. The outcome seemed tentative but we had hope because we know that God can change a heart in a moment. So we prayed. We prayed that the Lord might intervene to preserve the life of the little one and especially that He might make Himself known to the mother.


While Kelly met with the nurse she was able to view her little one on the ultrasound. There on the screen was the evidence of a precious life. Seeing her baby brought a fresh flow of tears to her eyes as she considered her decision. Unexpectedly, while in the ultrasound room, the father of the baby called her with a retraction on his part to have an abortion. He had changed his mind. But even if he hadn’t, Kelly on her own had decided to parent. A new conviction to protect the baby in her womb took hold of her and she would have this child!


Kelly’s story, like many others, is a testimony of how God uses the prayers and financial gifts you, our faithful supporters, provide. We are so thankful for your generosity and want you to know that the Lord has blessed the work at the clinics. Whether it’s the kind manner and expertise of the nurse, the sight of life on the ultrasound, the resources provided to give aid to young mothers or any of the various helps rendered at the clinic; all the services offered by Obria LA are greatly helped by your support.


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Her tense smile and sad eyes spoke volumes. “Your pregnancy test was positive” the nurse told Amelia.


According to Amelia's cycle, she would be over 12 weeks along. When offered an ultrasound for pregnancy confirmation, she asked calmly “Will I be allowed to see the screen this time?” The nurse assured her it was her decision. This young woman shared a difficult history, including two previous abortions. She did not want another abortion. She knew her parents wanted grandchildren and believed they would be supportive.

Her boyfriend’s words stung: “We can’t keep it.”  Amelia longed for Andrew's support. 

When the sonographer started scanning, Amelia was startled to see the 15 week old baby relaxing in her womb, its profile clearly visible. She was captivated as her baby gradually awakened and began stretching, then jumping vigorously. Her eyes filled with tears.  “I didn’t know it would be so perfect.” She wanted Andrew to see their child. He joined her briefly, his eyes fixed on the screen. Suddenly he exited the room, bolted down the hall and out the door. The nurse followed. He was torn. “You don’t understand. We live on the street. We can’t raise a baby. And that baby’s so developed. We can’t have an abortion now.” She encouraged him to discuss open adoption with Amelia, a loving option, a way he could provide and protect. He agreed, relieved to reclaim his dignity.

Thank you for your continued support. A life is saved and Amelia and Andrew have found peace in their decision because of you! 


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