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Patient Stories

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Her tense smile and sad eyes spoke volumes. “Your pregnancy test was positive” the nurse told Amelia.


According to Amelia's cycle, she would be over 12 weeks along. When offered an ultrasound for pregnancy confirmation, she asked calmly “Will I be allowed to see the screen this time?” The nurse assured her it was her decision. This young woman shared a difficult history, including two previous abortions. She did not want another abortion. She knew her parents wanted grandchildren and believed they would be supportive.

Her boyfriend’s words stung: “We can’t keep it.”  Amelia longed for Andrew's support. 

When the sonographer started scanning, Amelia was startled to see the 15 week old baby relaxing in her womb, its profile clearly visible. She was captivated as her baby gradually awakened and began stretching, then jumping vigorously. Her eyes filled with tears.  “I didn’t know it would be so perfect.” She wanted Andrew to see their child. He joined her briefly, his eyes fixed on the screen. Suddenly he exited the room, bolted down the hall and out the door. The nurse followed. He was torn. “You don’t understand. We live on the street. We can’t raise a baby. And that baby’s so developed. We can’t have an abortion now.” She encouraged him to discuss open adoption with Amelia, a loving option, a way he could provide and protect. He agreed, relieved to reclaim his dignity.

Thank you for your continued support. A life is saved and Amelia and Andrew have found peace in their decision because of you! 


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