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On-site licensed nurses/sonographers are available to do pregnancy tests, perform limited obstetric ultrasounds, as well as offer medically accurate information. Up-to-date referrals are given for adoption, housing, on-going prenatal care, legal assistance, spiritual growth, and school/career planning. 




On-site licensed nurse practicioners are available to perform a wide range of STD testing and treatments for men and women, as well as offer medically accurate information.




An annual well women visit is a check up that focuses on the female reproductive system and sexual health. Each stage of a woman's life requires health management, disease detection, and prevention. The early detection of reproductive health problems is vital to maintaining good health.



Our patient care staff are available to educate on relationship skills, self-love, self-worth, the difference between love or infatuation, and to open a conversation about the benefits of delaying or abstaining from sexual activity. Research has shown that delaying sexual activity increases the chances of achieving education, financial and relationship goals.



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With great compassion for those who have experienced abortion and are seeking peace, healing, and restoration, we offer a small-group style, biblically-based, post-abortion healing program. Obria offers a safe place where you can talk to someone or attend a group led by individuals trained in abortion healing.


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The Road to Recovery + Motherhood

Stefanie was in a desperate situation. She suspected she was pregnant, and the dark line from the pregnancy test was jarring. Stefanie went to the first clinic she could think of with the intention of having an abortion. While she was there, they told her she was much further along than she had thought. Something within her felt unsettled, and she wanted a second opinion. That was when she found Obria LA.


When she met with our sonographer, she did not make any eye contact. She appeared to be exhausted and worn down. After her ultrasound, she consulted with our nurse. With a heavy heart, she confessed that she was currently addicted to narcotics and alcohol. The father of the child was an acquaintance and did not offer any support and demanded her to get an abortion…


Stefanie shared that she felt completely lost without any support. It was then that our nurse connected her to a rehab facility for pregnant women that offer support and help them transition into motherhood. Armed with resources, Stefanie left feeling more confident that she could keep her child and receive the help she needed be on the road to recovery.


Obria LA not only provides early reproductive care, but various resources, classes and pregnancy loss/grief counseling. Each patient, along with their situations are so unique. With the support and prayers from donors like you, we are able to provide each patient with customized services, resources and support they need to heal and thrive.


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