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Well Woman Care

An annual well-woman visit is a checkup that focuses on the female reproductive system and sexual health. Well-woman visits don’t replace routine health checkups. Your visit will include:

  • Medical history

  • Family health history

  • Relationships and sexual partners

  • Use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs

  • Measurements of your height and weight

  • Breast and thyroid exam

  • Pap test and pelvic exam

  • Discussion of health topics relevant to your age and risk factors

  • STD testing if requested or recommended

  • If a mammogram screening is recommended (generally for those over 40), Obria Medical Clinics will offer you a referral for further evaluation.

The annual Well Woman Exam is a fundamental part of medical care and is valuable in promoting prevention practices, recognizing risk factors for disease and identifying medical problems. The performance of a physical examination is a key part of this visit, and the components of that examination may vary depending on your age and risk factors. During this visit the physician or nurse practitioner will check your thyroid and perform a breast exam, pelvic exam, and Pap smear. You can also be tested for STDs during your exam, if requested. If a mammogram screening is recommended (generally for those over 40), Obria will refer you to an OB/GYN or low cost clinic for further evaluation.

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