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Pregnancy Confirmation

Although home pregnancy tests are generally accurate, it is always best to confirm the results with a medical professional just to be sure. At Obria LA, our nurses are eager to serve and assist each patient with a pregnancy confirmation in a safe, comfortable environment. Taking a test is the first step. Upon receiving a positive pregnancy test result in our clinic, we evaluate for an ultrasound.


These services are confidential, free and conducted by a registered nurse and reviewed by our Medical Director.


After a pregnancy confirmation, we offer private, one-on-one counseling to:

  • Discuss pregnancy results and answer any questions.

  • Provide an options assessment on abortion*adoption parenting.

  • Provide a personalized packet of information with community resources based on the individual's needs.

*Obria LA does not provide or refer for abortion. Instead we offer education on abortion procedures and risks. 

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