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We are still open to men and women

in need during this outbreak

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In the midst of COVID-19, WPCC-Obria Medical Clinics, Pasadena and Whittier, are keeping our doors open for women facing a crisis pregnancy. Last Friday, two abortion-minded women were scheduled at our Pasadena clinic and everyday we are getting phone calls for both clinics. It's important that we're here to let women know the resources, such as adoption and parenting support, are available if they chose to continue their pregnancy. If we are not here for them, their only other option is to go to a clinic that will counsel them to abort their unborn child.
We have cut back on staff hours to ensure our clinics will survive a decline in donations, as some supporters who are no longer working suspend or stop their support.

If you are blessed to still have an income, would you make a gift today to help women facing an unplanned pregnancy with life-giving resources and support? Your gift may help a woman on the brink of choosing abortion make a decision to give life to her unborn child!

Our March 14th Steps4Life fundraising event was cancelled due to COVID-19. WPCC-Obria only reached half of our fundraising goal. Your gift today will help us cover this shortfall and offer those in crisis a safe place to express their fears and concerns, receive medically accurate information, be prayed for and receive loving support that will empower them to chose life for their unborn baby!
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