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A Women's Health Program 

FEMM is a comprehensive women’s health program that educates women to understand how their bodies function, thus empowering them to make choices now to support their current hormonal health and protect their future reproductive health.


Young women are facing increasing pressure to give in to sexual demands. FEMM helps empower them to stand strong and gives women a real alternative to hormonal contreceptives. 


Obria LA is very excited to hear about the stories coming from clinics already using FEMM! Although FEMM’s focus is to help women achieve hormonal health, we have had directors tell us about two outcomes occurring that can help reduce unplanned pregnancies:


  • As women track their cycles, they must engage and have support from their partner if they want to avoid pregnancy.  If he refuses to help, she realizes that he is using her for his own sexual gratification and this awareness has led women to end unhealthy relationships!  YES…she ends it!

  • For those women who find their parters value them and are willing to work with them to guard their reproductive health, the relationships have become more committed, often leading to marriage! YES…marriage!

We used to believe we could simply “tell” our patients about the benefits of abstinence, and that was enough. But sex has become so ingrained in their lifestyles that our words are falling on deaf ears!  We even see Christian couples engaging in premarital sex, rationalizing their behavior by saying, “It’s okay because we’re getting married someday.” SO…how do we help our patients see sex differently from the current worldview?


Well, social scientists tell us that beliefs guide thoughts, which determine actions.  FEMM has been producing behavioral change because women come to understand that their fertility health NOW can affect their FUTURE reproductive health. And what they are learning is changing their beliefs about casual sex, use of hormonal birth control, and the morning-after pill!


Will you help us bring this valuable education to our community? It costs $650 to certify one staffer as a FEMM instructor and we need at least four trained for each clinic. Your gift will educate our patients to make healthy choices, resulting in less risky sexual activity, which could lead to less unintended pregnancies, which will lead to less innocent lives tragically ending in abortion!

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