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Services & Programs 

Pregnancy Confirmation


Often, women intending to terminate their pregnancies never receive accurate information on fetal development or abortion risks until, tragically, it is too late. Therefore, we are committed to providing our patients with medically accurate information delivered with care and compassion so they are able to make an educated decision. 


On-site licensed Nurses/Sonographers are available to do pregnancy tests, perform limited obstetric ultrasounds, as well as offer medically accurate information. Up-to-date referrals are given for adoption, housing, on-going prenatal care, legal assistance, spiritual growth, and school/career planning. 


All of our services to patients are FREE & CONFIDENTIAL

Full Panel STI Testing

On-site licensed Nurses are available to perform a wide range of STD testing and treatments for men and women, as well as offer medically accurate information.

After Abortion Support and Education
(Offered only at Whittier Clinic at this time)

With great compassion for those who have experienced abortion and are seeking peace, healing, and restoration, We offers a small-group style, biblically-based, post-abortion healing program. Obria offers a safe place where you can talk to someone or attend a group led by individuals trained in abortion healing.


If you or someone you know is interested in participating in a group, or if you would like more information, please contact Rachel Fallorina at 562-902-3803 or email her at


*Note: For Pasadena Patients, referrals will be given to local agencies for Post Abortion Healing. If needed, please call our Pasadena clinic at 626-440-9400.

FEMM Program

FEMM is a comprehensive women’s health program that educates women to understand how their bodies function, thus empowering them to make choices now to support their current hormonal health and protect their future reproductive health.


Young women are facing increasing pressure to give in to sexual demands. FEMM helps empower them to stand strong and gives women a real alternative.

Click here for more info on FEMM. 

Optimal Health Education Program

Our medical staff is now trained to teach more individuals in our community about Optimal Health Education. With these 1 on 1 interactions, our nurses are able to talk to them about self-love, self-worth, the difference between love or infatuation, and most importantly we have the opportunity to open a conversation about abstinence.


In addition to our medical staff who are trained to educate individuals about Optimal Health Education, we also have 3 outreach educators conducting presentations in the community. They are visiting local church youth groups, mentoring programs and more. Recently, our presenters visited a girls mentoring program in LA. From middle school to high school, all of these young ladies came out to learn more about health education and were very responsive to the activities. Maria Robinson, the CEO/ President of Victorious Pathways said “The girls were very engaged in active learning. I also appreciated how the age groups were divided. The material presented was very relevant.” Maria would like for Obria to return in the future and present more about boundaries, peer pressure, dangers of drugs and vaping as she believes these topics would really benefit these young women.


We believe this curriculum will prepare our children and our children’s’ children on how to have healthy relationships and how to avoid risky sexual behavior that could result in an unplanned pregnancy. So if you or someone you know is a Pastor or a Youth Pastor and would like to hear more about this curriculum, please contact Sheena at

If you or someone you know has any questions about the services we provide, please call us at 562-902-2273 (Whittier) or 626-440-9400 (Pasadena) or visit our Patient Website at 

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